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The Secure Online File Solution

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Security White Paper

Total Security, Reliability, and Accessibility

TrueShare takes security very seriously, and provides enterprise-grade protection to guard our customers’ files and provide uninterrupted access to their data and our services.

Protection Layers

SAS II Audit
Disk Encrypt
Database Encryption
Hard Password

TS Secure
User Access Rights and Controls
Transaction Logs

...and these are just the ones we can tell you about!

Network Security

Transfers and Transmissions -When you upload and download files, TrueShare protects you with 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption on all file transfers and data transmissions.

Personal Information is Safe Personal Information – All sensitive information stored in our database is encrypted using either RC4 or MD5 technologies. No one, including TrueShare employees, has access to your personal information such as credit card numbers.

Search Indexing – We prevent indexing of public files by search engines or robots, and all filenames are encoded once they arrive on our servers.

Site and Application Security

Authentication - TrueShare uses an authentication process with every request to the application. No action is allowed until after the system confirms that the requesting user has the privileges to perform the action. Files are encrypted

File Encryption – Files stored in the TrueShare file system can be stored on disk in an encrypted format. There are two available file encryption options: 

   Folder Level - Individual folders can be setup as encrypted to ensure that all files   stored within the specified folders are encrypted in storage. Folders are encrypted

    Account Level - Enterprise accounts have the option of employing an encrypted file system on a dedicated volume of the TrueShare SAN to ensure that every file in the account is encrypted in storage.

User Security

Permissions and Rights - TrueShare business and enterprise accounts have complete control over what users can and cannot see and do. Through our simple and powerful user account manager, administrators can define a users file and folder access rights. Manage user accounts individually or in groups to easily control user access for 1 user or 1000 users.

Password Protection – TrueShare user accounts are password protected and the password is encrypted in our database. TrueShare also has password control features such as "Hard Password Required" and “Require Password Change” to ensure a rigid adherence to proper password management.

Data Center Security

Infrastructure - TrueShare servers reside in SAS 70 and HIPAA compliant, enterprise-grade data centers located in the Midwest region of the United States.

Reliability - TrueShare guarantees 99% uptime to provide every customer with a reliable service.

More Information

If you require more information or have additional questions about our security, please contact our Customer Service.

Phone Support: 1-877-700-4999

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password protection ensures your files as secure