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TrueShare for Windows beta release

With TrueShare for Windows your computer has permanent access to your TrueShare files and folders like they were stored on your computers hard drive!

Download the fast and easy installation program and start enjoy the power of TrueShare for Windows in minutes!
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  • TrueShare Explorer
    TrueShare Explorer

    TrueShare Explorer gives you your TrueShare system in a Windows application. Access your folders and files instantly with full capability to upload, download, move, copy, rename, and delete, or even to Send-A-Link easily and efficiently - like you weren’t even using the Internet!
  • TrueShare Drop Box
    TrueShare Drop Box

    Place the TrueShare Drop Box on your Windows desktop and you have instant access to auto-upload your files as easy as drag, drop, done. Select the destination TrueShare folder and turn on the auto-upload feature and any time you drop a file onto the Drop Box it is immediately transferred to your TrueShare system.
  • TrueShare Auto Transfer
    TrueShare Auto Tran

    The app with 1,000 uses. TrueShare Auto Tran is a versatile file monitor and transfer solution that uses folders in your TrueShare system as a common point of interchange. Scheduled file transfers between business partners, scheduled off-site file transfers of backups and critical files, synchronize folders on your computer to TrueShare, etc.
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