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The Secure Online File Solution

Access Files

Never be without important computer files again! If you store your files on TrueShare you will have access to them anytime and anywhere.

Ways you can access your TrueShare files:

  • Web Browser
    Web browsers

    TrueShare supports full functionality in most major web browsers (IE6, IE7, Mozilla, FireFox, Opera, Safari) so you don't have to change a thing!
  • Mobile Phone
    Mobile Phone

    Use your Blackberry, iPhone, Palm or Windows Mobile device to access your files on TrueShare – anywhere in the world where you have bars!!!

    Just surf to and login as you would in a web browser.
  • TrueShare Explorer
    TrueShare Explorer

    With TrueShare Explorer your Windows computer has a permanent connection and instant access to your TrueShare files and folders like they were stored on your computers hard drive!
  • TrueShare Widgets
    TrueShare Widgets

    The TrueShare Widgets collection is coming soon with the first release in the collection being the TrueShare Photo Widget. The TrueShare widgets collection enables you to easily incorporate the files in your TrueShare folders into web pages, blogs, emails, and your desktop.
password protection ensures your files as secure