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Upload Files

The first step to using your TrueShare file system is to create folders for storing your files in and then upload, or copy, files to them. With TrueShare, uploading files is as fast and easy as drag and drop!

You also have many different options for uploading files -

  • Web Browser
    Web browser

    With support for most major browsers TrueShare is familiar and comfortable to use from the start.
  • TrueShare Drop Box
    TrueShare Drop Box

    Place the TrueShare Drop Box on your Windows desktop and you have instant access to auto-upload your files as easy as drag, drop, done.
  • Mobile Phone
    Mobile Phone

    Upload files to TrueShare anywhere you have signal on your mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, Palm, & Windows Mobile)
  • TrueShare Explorer
    TrueShare Explorer

    With TrueShare Explorer your Windows computer has permanent, instant access to your TrueShare files and folders just like if they were stored on your computers hard drive!
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