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File Sharing TrueShare is a quick and easy way to share your computer files (.cad, .dwf, .pdf, .doc, .ppt, .avi, .html, etc) with clients, customers, and co-workers.
File Back-Up and Storage All files you store on TrueShare become an offsite backup - the ultimate protection for any computer files.
Unlimited Users TrueShare allows you to create and manage as many user accounts as you need with no added costs – No Limits.
Remote Access With the web-based interface, access to your important documents and files is available anytime, to anyone, from anywhere you have an internet connection.
Total Security TrueShare ensures security by employing 256-bit SSL encryption in transit and RC4 / MD5 encryption in storage.
Website Integration Easily and transparently integrate the TrueShare file system into your website.
Email Notification Send email notifications to individual users or groups of users within your TrueShare system.
Customization Options Personalize the "look and feel" of your TrueShare system to meet your needs. Customize colors, images and fonts to your liking.
File Compression TrueShare utilizes file compression technology to reduce bandwidth consumption and improve performance on downloads.
Cost As little as $30 per month for 5GB with unlimited users. Check or Credit Card accepted. Pay annually and get 2 months free.
Work Groups Use TrueShare Workgroups to provide teams of individuals the ability to work together isolated from the rest of your TrueShare activity.
User Groups Manage multiple users from a single interface. Make a change to a User Group and all Users in that Group reflect the change.
Send-A-Link Send a link in an email to clients or colleagues giving them direct access to the files they need.
Advanced Search Use the Search system to locate files anywhere within your TrueShare system.
User Templates Create new user accounts with access rights and permissions based on your pre-defined user templates.
User Interface The TrueShare User Interface is unmatched in ease of use. Sign up for a free trial account and see how easy it is to use!
Transaction Log You have full access to Transaction Logs specific to your account.
Access TrueShare Anywhere in the World!
password protection ensures your files as secure