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Thumb Drive

If you’ve ever tried to share files, you know that a thumb drive, flash drive, or memory key is an easy way to get files from one computer to another. The problem with thumb drives, and flash memory in general, is that they sometimes offer small amounts of space and files are easily erased or corrupted. Some computers don’t even recognize them, which can be a problem when you’re trying to transfer or share a file in a hurry. Even though they are small and portable, thumb drives are often misplaced, run through the washing machine, stepped on, or have their USB ports broken off. When you consider that to share the files on the flash drive you have to physically provide the recipient with the drive either in person or through snail mail or currier it is easy to see how these drives are more fin inner office or personal use.

The solution to the surprisingly inconvenient thumb drive is the TrueShare Online File System. With TrueShare, you never have to worry about broken, lost, or corrupt thumb drives again because you can access your files online from any computer with internet access, at any time. And because we offer no less than 3 GB of disk space for you to store and share your files, you never have to struggle with how to share large files with a small thumb drive. We also support any file type and file sizes up to 2 GB, and upload and download speeds are always fast. According to, TrueShare is faster than 97% of sites on the web.

Get More while Sharing Files

TrueShare is more than just a file sharing service. Our online file system provides an easy way to backup, store, organize your files, as well as share them. Great for businesses, you can add unlimited users and delegate their permissions and access; email links to large files with password protection and expiration date options, and automate transfers and backups of files on your own computer. Try doing any of that with a thumb drive!

Some more features of TrueShare are:

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
  • Encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Tools to automate upload/download of files
  • Unlimited users accounts
  • User group and work group functionality for easy user management
  • Custom branding with your company logo and colors
  • Folder tree file structure just like a traditional OS
  • Email notification of send-a-link downloads
  • Redundant and daily backups of all data
  • Automated transfers and offsite backups via the Auto Tran application
  • TrueShare for Windows application bundle including DropBox Auto Tran and Explorer
  • Forum creation for collaboration

When it comes to file storing, sharing and management, TrueShare has any thumb drive or sharing service beat. Sign up for a free 7-day trial today, and see how TrueShare can expand your file sharing experience and replace your old inadequate thumb drive.

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