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Software Downloads

Many online file sharing and storing services only offer web based applications. While you need no software downloads to use the full functionality of TrueShare, we offer free file sharing applications in software download form, to go the extra mile in providing you the best online file system.

TrueShare has released TrueShare for Windows as the perfect downloadable software companion for Windows users. This bundle, which comes with an easy installation program, includes three must-have applications to make easy file storage and sharing even simpler.

Separately, each application in TrueShare for Windows supplies a convenient solution to easier file management. But together, the software available for download in TrueShare for Windows provides a constant link from computer to online storage for the Windows user base, which is instrumental when it comes to efficiency and ease of use.

TrueShare software downloads include:

TrueShare DropBox: Easily auto-uploads files into the TrueShare system with a drag and drop structure. The files are stored in a user designated folder for easy access and file management.

TrueShare Explorer: This software recreates the TrueShare online interface and provides access to folders and files instantly with the full capability to upload, download, move, copy, rename, delete, or even Send-A-Link. You can also launch the DropBox and Auto Tran applications without having to log in individually to each application.

TrueShare Auto Tran: An automated file transfer tool that allows scheduled file transfers between TrueShare and a user’s PC, with access to a permanent record of each transaction. Auto Tran has the capability to synchronize folders from a computer to TrueShare, as well as automate your backup process.

If you're looking for an online file system with more to offer to its users, TrueShare is that system. We are continuing to develop software downloads and other applications for the ultimate in convenience and customization. Sign up for a free 7-day trial of TrueShare today and check out our software downloads to discover how far we go to create the best customer experience possible.

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