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Remote Access

When you need instant remote access to your files, do you fumble around for a clunky thumb drive that you accidently left at home, or download multiple emails with slow to open attachments? The days of inconvenient remote access are over. TrueShare provides the perfect solution to quick and secure remote access.

With TrueShare there are no software downloads required, so you can access your files at any time, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With TrueShare, you can send files up to 2 GB and the file type is never restricted. And with multiple user accounts, clients, customers and employees from around the world can collaborate with remote file access and forums assigned to a folder or group of users. TrueShare also offers a mobile file storage so that smart phone users can view, upload and download their files on the go.

Not only is the TrueShare online file system more convenient than traditional remote access means, but it is also more secure. All files stored in TrueShare are obfuscated and do not present any intuitive means of accessing them. We employ 256-bit SSL encryption for all file transfers. TrueShare also utilizes the Rijndael algorithm encryption (government grade) in storage and all files are backed up daily. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2009 all files will also be mirrored in a different, geographically disparate server facility, to protect from any disaster scenarios and allow for easy recovery should one occur.

With TrueShare you can:

  • Securely store your files online so you can get to them anytime, anywhere
  • Back your files up online so they are safe when computer disaster strikes
  • Save and track earlier versions of files with easy file versioning
  • Create a direct link to your files to be used in blogs, newsletters, web pages, and even emails.
  • Send a link in an email that gives direct and secure access to your selected files
  • Share pictures with the PhotoShare widget via a direct link in an email or a flash-based photo slide show.
  • Access your TrueShare files from any iPhone, Blackberry, Palm or Windows Mobile
  • Keep track of account activity with a full transaction log
  • Collaborate using a business account with features such as forums, work groups, email notifications, and automated file transfers.

What are you waiting for? Stop fumbling with clunky thumb drives, and being frustrated with limiting email attachments. Sign up for a free 7-day trial of TrueShare and discover how simple and secure remote access can be.

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