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Private Cloud File Server

What does it mean to be a private cloud file server?
          For TrueShare it means the ability to integrate more directly into businesses existing computing environments. With the TrueShare On-Premise Edition and the TrueShare Enterprise Edition there is no easier way to extend the boundaries of existing private clouds and corporate computer infrastructures across the globe. Imagine having all the features and power of TrueShare running on your corporate servers - the sky is no longer the limit!

With the focus of cloud computing being so heavily set on virtualization and infrastructure, many companies fail to optimize their cloud investment by employing software as a service. Get the most out of your computing environment by leveraging the power of TrueShare. TrueShare takes your private cloud beyond infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) with its powerful internet file server running on-premise in corporate data centers as software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Whether you are running a cutting edge private cloud data center, a completely traditional server farm, or something in-between with various levels of virtualization and provisioning, it is easy to leverage the capabilities of TrueShare inside and outside of corporate firewalls.

Give your operations the freedom and security to go global without the cost and complexity you’ve come to expect – contact TrueShare today to learn more.

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