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FTP Site

File Transfer Protocol: Are you struggling with setting up or maintaining an FTP site? Are you worried about the security of your files? For years businesses have been bogging down their IT staff with FTP based problems, and only for the simple ability to transfer large files.

TrueShare, the online file storage and sharing system, does away with all FTP site problems. With TrueShare there is no software installation, no additional hardware, and it does not require more of your precious IT professionals' time. All of your files are stored online where employees, clients, and customers can access files from anywhere, at anytime.

Unlike an FTP site, TrueShare allows you to set up permissions and password protect your files so that users can only access what has been assigned to them. And with unlimited users accounts allotted to each TrueShare business account, the possibilities for easy sharing and transferring of large files are endless.

Many businesses that use FTP sites have to constantly worry about security, because in most cases the data being transferred is not encrypted. All files stored in TrueShare are obfuscated and do not present any intuitive means of accessing them. We employ 256-bit SSL encryption for all file transfers. TrueShare also utilizes the Rijndael algorithm encryption (government grade) in storage and all files are backed up daily. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2009 all files will also be mirrored in a different, geographically disparate server facility, to protect from any disaster scenarios and allow for easy recovery should one occur. TrueShare also offers full access to transaction logs for easy monitoring of all account activity.

Some key features of TrueShare are:

  • Unlimited users accounts
  • User group and work group functionality for easy user management
  • Custom branding with your company logo and colors
  • Website integration for complete rebranding
  • Folder tree file structure just like a traditional OS
  • Email notifications of uploads and downloads
  • Redundant and daily backups of all data
  • Encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
  • Automated user transfers and backups via the Auto Tran application
  • TrueShare for Windows application bundle including DropBox and Explorer
  • Forum creation for collaboration
  • Direct file linking for use in blogs, newsletters, emails, and web pages.

Tired of FTP site hassles? Try TrueShare for free with our 7 day free trial. In just minutes you can be sending large files, storing data securely, and collaborating with coworkers—all within the TrueShare online file system. For more information and a complete list of features, visit

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