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The Secure Online File Solution

File Upload

You may be familiar with long file upload times via FTP clients or email attachments. FTP is either unsecure, or the cost of secure FTP negates the option and email has many reasons why it should not or can't be used to transfer large files. Luckily, you can upload large files securely and quickly, with any standard web browser via TrueShare.

TrueShare is leading the pack in online file systems. If you're looking for file upload software or services, look no further. TrueShare is a web based service that hosts your files on secure servers, so you can access them anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection. There is no software to install for TrueShare, and it works out of the box with every popular operating system including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

A Full-Featured and Secure Online File System

Not only is TrueShare great for file uploads, but it also serves as online storage and a backup system for your files. Once you upload a file to TrueShare, it will be stored where you can organize and access it via our web interface, or the TrueShare Windows Explorer. All files stored in TrueShare are obfuscated and do not present any intuitive means of accessing them. We employ 256-bit SSL encryption for all file transfers. TrueShare also utilizes the Rijndael algorithm encryption (government grade) in storage and all files are backed up daily. Beginning in the fourth quarter of 2009 all files will also be mirrored in a different, geographically disparate server facility, to protect from any disaster scenarios and allow for easy recovery should one occur.

With the TrueShare business account, you can provide access to unlimited users and features for the ultimate in file uploads, file sharing, and file storage. With unlimited users, you can give each employee, client, and customer a folder tree for them to access files remotely. And with folder tree organization and permission settings, managing and protecting your files is simple and convenient. You can also customize your TrueShare web interface with custom colors and company branding.

And if giving customized, integrated, access to your TrueShare account isn't what you're looking for, TrueShare also offers features to insert direct links to downloadable files in websites, newsletters, blogs, and even emails. There is even password protection and file expiration features to make sure your files are only accessed by who you want.

Stop wasting time trying to use FTP clients or email attachments for your file uploads. Sign up today for a free 7-day trial and start saving time and money with the TrueShare online file system solution.

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