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For years file sharing software has been associated with unsavory activities such as copyright infringement and media piracy. P2P programs such as Kazaa and LimeWire, and torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay and MiniNova, are notorious for illegal file sharing. Many of their downloads are corrupt with malware or viruses, making these services very unsafe for sharing files. So if you are looking for secure file sharing software that is not a part of the music and video sharing controversy, and appropriate for both business and family, where do you turn?

TrueShare is an online file system that provides file sharing software for businesses and the business minded. With TrueShare you can safely and securely store, manage, and transfer files of any size or type. TrueShare also utilizes encryption based security so that file sharing is not only quick and easy, but safe from hackers, viruses, and malware. And since you store your files online with TrueShare, file sharing with TrueShare provides instant access to your documents from anywhere, at anytime, with no download times, no seeding, and no throttling of your internet traffic from your ISP.

With TrueShare Explorer file sharing software, you can have direct desktop access to your files stored online, and with unlimited user accounts you can even share and collaborate within the TrueShare platform. Great for the office, groups, or the kids, this file sharing software is not only fast and secure—we provide several features such as Send-A-Link, Direct-Link, PhotoShare and Auto Tran to streamline the file sharing experience.

Send-A-Link is a powerful solution for providing secure access to your computer files. Simply select the files, specify recipients, enter a subject and a message, and click the send button. Recipients receive an email with your message and a link to a secure webpage where they can access the files you selected. There are also custom options like password protection, expiration period, and notifications.

Direct-Link allows users to create single-file links to any files in their TrueShare system. Direct-Links are perfect for sharing files on websites, blogs, newsletters, RSS feed and more.

PhotoShare is a combination photo album manager and dynamic Flash-based photo viewer. You can easily share collections of pictures and images by sending a link to recipients or embedding the widget in websites, blogs, newsletters and more.

Auto Tran is a flexible file monitoring and transfer solution that uses folders in your TrueShare system as a common point of interchange. Schedule file transfers between business partners, off-site file transfers of backups and critical files, and synchronize folders between your computer and the TrueShare file system.

What are you waiting for? Ditch the corrupt P2P and torrent services and sign up for a free TrueShare trial today. When it comes to quick and secure file sharing for both work and at home, TrueShare is second to none.

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