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Data Backup

Whether you're a large company, a small business on the rise, or simply a computing member of society, it is important to backup your data and files. Hard drives, where your data is stored when you click save, can easily crash or get damaged, and viruses can corrupt your files. In fact, it is recommended that you backup your data once every month. You could use an external hard drive for backups, but those are expensive, and it takes hours to insert CD after CD for copying. The new solution for protecting your files is online data backup, and the TrueShare online file system provides the perfect solution to online data backup, with a feature packed and affordable service.

Whether it's the family computer or a network of business computers, online backup with TrueShare can quickly and safely store all of your files, no matter the type up to 2 GB in size. You may be wary of the security of an online service, but TrueShare protects you with 256-bit SSL encryption for all file transfers. Sensitive data on our servers such as usernames and passwords are encrypted using RC4/MD5 encryption and backed up daily. All files stored in the SAS 70 and HIPAA compliant TrueShare system are also obfuscated and do not present any intuitive means of accessing them from the outside. There is even the option to specifically encrypt folders on your TrueShare account that are sensitive or important.

Automate Your Data Backup

TrueShare offers multiple features to streamline the online data backup and file system experience. One of our applications is TrueShare Auto Tran, which allows for flexible monitoring and automation of online data backups. You just set up Auto Tran to scan your folders for change at the desired interval, and it will transfer the new data and files to your online interface. There you can organize your data with our intuitive folder tree system, and access your files at anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

Some more features of TrueShare are:

  • Unlimited users accounts
  • User group and work group functionality for easy user management
  • Custom branding with your company logo and colors
  • Folder tree file structure just like a traditional OS
  • Email notifications of uploads and downloads
  • Redundant and daily backups of all data
  • Encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux compatibility
  • Automated transfers and backups via the Auto Tran application
  • TrueShare for Windows application bundle including DropBox and Explorer
  • Forum creation for collaboration
  • Tools to automate upload/download of files

When it comes to data backup, TrueShare is #1 in security, speed, and features. Sign up for a free 7-day trial today, and see how TrueShare can backup your data and files for safe keeping. You never know when disaster will strike and all of your data will be lost.

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