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About TrueShare

Originally released as EasyFTP in 2002, the online file service was re-branded as TrueShare in 2005. Today TrueShare is a leading provider of online file systems and services for thousands of businesses and consumers around the world. Enabling users to store, access, share, and manage their computer files any computer that has an internet connection.

On January 6, 2008 the newest version of TrueShare was deployed to production servers and made available to the Internet public. While this new version did not include significant enhancements to form or function, it was nonetheless a significant step forward. This new release represented a complete re-architecture and re-development of the TrueShare system. Resulting in a highly flexible, state-of-the-art technology foundation on which to extend the features and capabilities, TrueShare was now positioned for the future.

Some significant enhancements that were made available within the first 6 months after going live with the new TrueShare include:
  • Send-A-Link
  • File Action Menus
  • TrueShare Auto Tran
  • TrueShare Drop Box
  • TrueShare Explorer
  • TrueShare API
  • Photo Widget
  • Audio Widget
  • Alternate User Interface options (Folder Styles, Icon View, and List View)
  • TrueShare Socket Transfers (breaking the 2GB file size barrier)
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